OCTOBER 3 - 4, 2022


RCR  Enterprises Banquet Hall (Richard Childress Racing)

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* The Chaplain becomes a guidance counselor and listener.


* The Chaplain becomes a mediator during a hostage situation or the support to a suicidal individual.


* The Chaplain has the unpleasant task of sharing dreaded information in giving death notifications.


* The Chaplain relates to the officers by riding along and listening.


* The Chaplain is the personal friend, prayer partner, and most of all, readily available when called upon.


* The Chaplain maintains close contact with all officers while on duty and off duty, when requested.


* The Jail Chaplain maintains close contact with the jailers; selects and provides training for volunteers.

 The law enforcement officer is faced with danger, split-second decisions, frustrations, criticism for doing their job and other anxieties that call for the support of a Chaplain.

The law enforcement officer needs someone the assist with death notifications, suicidal individuals, emotionally disturbed individuals, and their own family.

The law enforcement officer divorce rate is 86%.  The three leading causes of death among law enforcement officers are:  HEART ATTACK, ALCHOL AND  DRUG ABUSE AND SUICIDE.

The law enforcement chaplain can provide stability to officers, families, and office personnel.

Support of the Chaplain will enable the successful function of his duties.